TMZ's Newsroom/Office Space - Where Brand Meets Culture Meets Design

TMZ's Newsroom/Office Space - Where Brand Meets Culture Meets Design


TMZ_03-700x466 With their new highly creative newsroom/office, TMZ (with the help of Rapt Studio) is poised for further growth. They strategically located in the heart of Playa Vista with tech heavyweights like Facebook, YouTube and Rubicon Project as well as the ad heavyweights in Ad Agency Row. TMZ's attention to detail in aligning their space with their brand has resulted in space to attract and retain top talent as well as create an inspiring environment for all employees to produce optimal results.


Office Snapshots

Rapt Studio has developed a new workspace and studio environment for celebrity news company TMZ based in Los Angeles, California.

The celebrity-inspired workspace is built around a 9,000-square-foot newsroom, connecting brand and culture to its environment.

The TMZ brand is transported into its physical space, creating a meaningful and fitting experience for employees. The space is meant to look like an empty warehouse. Plywood, corrugated metal, concrete walls, and other materials are used to generate that feeling.

TMZ is expressed visually, using pieces like a graffitied version of the Hollywood Sign and a map of Los Angeles highlighting the thirty-mile zone (TMZ) of Hollywood studios. Replica bombs hang over the lunchroom in reference to the TMZ signature style of news reporting.

The space is truly a place where brand meets culture meets design.







*Shared by Jeff Vertun


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