Mapping the fancy new developments headed to the Sunset Strip

Mapping the fancy new developments headed to the Sunset Strip

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The Sunset Strip is only about a mile and a half long, but in the last few years, it's been a magnet for high-end developments: hotels, apartments, condos, mixed-use projects. From the Frank Gehry-designed 8150 Sunset project to the Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, private Arts Club, the Sunset Strip is classing it up, as the Wall Street Journal noted this week.

People who used to come to the Strip to attend the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Roxy or see the Doors at the Whisky probably have a very different idea of this stretch of the boulevard. The Strip was, through the decades, a place for mobsters and celebrities, counterculture weirdos and hippies (the Source Family cult had a restaurant here), punks, and terrible hair metal bands to congregate.

But now, as the Hustler stores of the Strip are replaced with expensive condos, starchitecture, and boutique hotels, the Sunset Strip is poised to become fancier than ever. Check out all the projects that are going to radically alter this segment of Sunset Boulevard.

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1. 8150 Sunset: The Frank Gehry-designed mixed-use project at 8150 Sunset would hold retail, residential (219 apartments, 30 condos), and 27,000-square-foot central plaza across multiple structures. The site was formerly Old Hollywood's famous Garden of Allah complex, and will definitely stand out on the strip. The Gehry project was approved by the city, but it faces a challenge in courtover the proposed demolition of a landmarked bank building on the site.

2. Sunset/Harper Lot: Back in 2014, it was reported that the developers A.J. Khair Development & Construction and its partners were thinking about putting a hotel on this site. According to the company's site, a boutique hotel is still in the works for the corner lot, but things are still "in the planning stages."

3. Sunset Time: Where there once was a House of Blues, there will someday be Sunset Time, a project from developers Combined Properties and AECOM Capital that mixes all the uses: It will have hotel rooms, condos, rental apartments, 35,000 square feet of retail space, and a nightclub for good measure. A notable feature of the complex is the 6,000 square feet of digital billboards on the building's exterior. The House of Blues closed down last August.

4. 1 Hotes at Sunset and La Cienega: Two 10-story towers in the eastern section of the Sunset|La Cienega mega project will hold an outpost of the fancy 1 Hotels. The hotel was originally set to be a James Hotel, but that company backed out this year. An opening date for the 1 Hotels has not been announced.

5. The Residences at 8500: The Residences at 8500, two eight-story towers that are also part of the massive Sunset|La Cienega project, were designed to hold condos, but this summer came word that they would be converted to an extended stay hotel . West Hollywood officials have said they might not allow that to happen, so, at this point, the plans are still uncertain.

6. The Arts Club: This stuffy-sounding private club (no cursing?) is coming to the Strip courtesy of club owners, VE Equities, and maybe even Gwyneth Paltrow. (She's an investor at the London branch and plans for the same role at this location, says the WSJ.) The Gensler-designed club will take out the Hustler store that occupied the site so famously for nearly 20 years. The new structure would rise nine stories and hold creative office space and a gallery as well as the private club. A rooftop pool and restaurant would top the structure.

7. 8950 Sunset: This project was once in the works to become a boutiquey James Hotel, but no more. It'll still be a hotel, though, with 169 rooms, four residences, a rooftop pool, and space for restaurants, according to a website for the development. The website also notes that the six-story building will be a five-star hotel. Developers for the project are currently in the process of putting together its environmental impacts reports. LA-based hospitality design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates is designing the project.

8. 9040 Sunset:The West Hollywood Edition will be a two-building project, with nearly 150 hotel rooms and 20 very high-end condos with terraces and outdoor kitchens, sya the WSJ. Renderings showed the exterior of the building along the south-facing building draped with lush landscaping, for a hanging gardens effect. At its tallest, the Edition will hit 13 stories. The project, designed by Ian Schrager and minimalist John Pawson, is under construction now and is expected to be complete in 2018, according to the Edition website. Schrager is widely credited as the inventor of the boutique hotel (he also designs nightclubs), so this place is basically guaranteed to be a destination.

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